Check out #13 Holla At Me & #20 Shameful Living, both ft. Young G

Young G

Check out #3 Dat Juice & #7 Take My Hand, both ft. Young G

Born and raised in Cartersville, Ga., a small city about an hour north of Atlanta,

Young G has had big dreams for many years. His philosophy to Stay Strapped goes far beyond street antics, it means keeping his children first while never losing sight of his career goals as a recording artist. Staying mentally and physically aware and prepared, Young G is more than Strapped for success, he is destined! He has grown from artist to producer and even engineers his own recording sessions. Find music by Young G and the many artists that he has collaborated with including Big Rell, Gwolla Nation, LA Dunhoody, Ms Gemini and more many tracks that can be found on Spotify, Tidal, Google Play and all major online retailers. Stay Strapped and Stay Tuned for even more Great music from Young G!