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True Essence Hair is hair in its most natural form. It looks natural and behaves like your own natural hair. That is why it blends beautifully with your own hair. Also, if you take care of this hair just like your own hair, it lasts for a very long time, sometimes even a year or more. So, if wearing long lasting, natural looking hair is important to you, you must try genuine quality True Essence Hair from a reputable supplier.

True Essence Hair is considered to be of “premium” quality. The cuticle, which should still be attached to the hair, is left there for a reason – it keeps the hair from becoming tangled and matted. And it gives the hair a more natural look and feel. For commercial purposes, Remy hair comes in two types – single and double drawn. Single drawn refers to hair that is taken directly from the scalp of the shaved head. MUCH care is taken in order to remove the different hairs on the head. You will find both short and long hairs with this option. The double drawn look is the finest caliber with the same wave length in a piece. The hairs are arranged with equal lengths. There will not be any short hair in a piece. This is also the more expensive of the two because more time is taken to collect and sort out the various hair lengths. You will ONLY get one hair length in each pack with this option, but again, you can buy various pack lengths. Usually they start at around 14 inches and go up to 24 inches in length.


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Kit Cummings is an Author, Teacher and Professional Speaker. Kit founded The Power of Peace Project, Inc. which is now bringing peace and reconciliation to rival gang members and religious factions inside some of the toughest prisons and schools across the nation. Kit also recently launched The Power of Peace Productions, Inc. which is partnered with The NEW Catalyst TV Network: "Taking Light & Hope into Dark & Dangerous Places" (New Pilot Series: Unshackled-- LIVE in the ATL)... He also serves as a teacher for the Atlanta Mission, an instructor for the Georgia Department of Corrections, Director for Project Karma (an organization devoted to youth gang intervention), a motivational speaker for the Alternative Education Association, as well as serving on the advisory board for Hope Worldwide, ATL... Also working with corporations as a national coach and teacher, Kit teaches principles and techniques that help people to rise above the stress, negativity and fear surrounding them, adjust their perspective and reach new heights...

​Fear & anxiety are on the rise, brought on by financial crisis & economic uncertainty. Many are burning out from all the "Drama." The Solution? Get your HEAD back in the game... In his own unique, energetic and humorous style, Kit shares his message of optimism, power and positive change. Borrowing from Psychology, Physics, Cosmology & Theology, Kit Cummings introduces his new program "Attitude Science." This dynamic training series helps individuals and teams reduce stress, increase energy, and tap into their natural power. Discover your own unique gifts and talents, learn to embrace change, and live a more victorious life by applying Attitude Science... Fulfilled Potential.
Available for Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops, Personal & Team Coaching.


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"Dumbbell2” was featured on NewsWatch as part of its monthly Tech Report, which takes a look at the latest and coolest products in the TECHNOLOGY world. "

Innovative Dumbbell2 Fitness SystemFree weights allow users to perform weight training exercises without being constrained to fixed movements. These weights, such as dumbbells, are designed to be held in your hands, and can be used for a variety of different exercises. As versatile as dumbbells are, they can be cumbersome to some, and straining to use repeatedly.The Dumbbell2 by RConcepts, Inc. seeks to rectify the control and safety issues of ordinary dumbbells without sacrificing their efficiency as free weights. Designed to be held in two hands, the Dumbbell2 offers numerous weight training possibilities without fear of discomfort for the user. Why settle for regular weights that are too unwieldy when you can use our innovative dumbbells?



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Challenge Nation is a series of urban adventure races coming soon to a city near you! Each Challenge is part 5K race, part scavenger hunt, and part urban exploration--which all adds up to 100% fun as you compete against other Challengers to quickly solve the clues and beat them to the finish line! 

We're visiting 35 cities nationwide in 2014! Look for your city on the schedule to the right.

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According to Radar Online, the show, which is tentatively called Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta, is being shopped to different networks. So far, Tameka "Tiny" Harris' mom Diane is confirmed for the series as is Shirleen, who entertains us as Rasheeda's mother on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.Additionally, the show will follow the moms of hip hop artists Rich Homie Quan,K Camp, and Ca$hout. The site claims that producers are also hoping to sign on the always outspoken Mama Joyce from Real Housewives of Atlantafame. She would certainly bring some shoe-throwing controversy for sure!An inside source confirms that the wheels are definitely turning on this deal, revealing, “The contract is signed from a major production company and Johnson Thomas Brow productions will be working with Tiny on the deal,” adding, “Now it’s getting shopped to networks and everyone is really excited.”What, no Momma Dee?