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Sure, there are thousands if not millions of people who can by a camera or production software and call themselves a business. What makes TME Studios, LLC. different from others is our recipe for success:



We create effective business identity solutions that include all element to the brand design including logos, brochures, flyers, cards and icons.

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We create effective attention getting commercials that engage current customer and get new ones. Television to non traditional stunts.

Our highly skilled creative and engineers work together to create quality products as well as interactive experiences.

From the beginning Pittsburgh Zo has been making big moves. He was born in Germany to two parents who were stationed with the US military. After their tour they moved to Los Angeles, California until he moved to Atlanta, Ga. He has been surviving the streets from age 13 to now. Thru each struggle and setback, he has become a self made man. He has taken all those experiences and put them into his drive and motivation for music. He has had a very quick rise to notoriety due to his numerous appearances on two BET reality shows. Keysha Cole: The Way It Is and The Frankie and Neffie Show. Pittsburgh Zo was formerly introduced as Frankie’s love interest on Keysha Cole: The Way It Is. Since 2009 he has been in the studio recording music and grinding in the streets.In January 2013, Pittsburgh Zo aka BET Shawty, released his new mixtape, No Pressure. The mixtape,“No Pressure” was hosted by DJ MLK, DJ Kelly J, and DJ Big X and the title track, was released as the new single featuring Gucci Mane. He is currently working on new material and planning for travel and expansion. Stay tuned! Check out his website

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We have had the pleasure with working with some of the top industry professionals in the entertainment arena. From Celebrities and families of Kit Cummings, Shawty Lo, Shay Buckeey, Cash Out, Pittzburgh Zo, Rich Homie Quaun, Momma Dee, Kalena Harper, K Camp and Tiny Cottle, to the one of the largest human hair distributors in the world True Essence Hair. We work with families, local artists and businesses, churches, mosques, public speakers and more. We understand that our reputations is based on the quality we provide and we never plan on taking short cuts. We value and appreciate each and every client that has given us an opportunity to become a part of your journey. Thank You~ TME fam

Kit Cummings is an Author, Teacher and Professional Speaker. Kit founded The Power of Peace Project, Inc. which is now bringing peace and reconciliation to rival gang members and religious factions inside some of the toughest prisons and schools across the nation. Kit also recently launched The Power of Peace Productions, Inc. which is partnered with The NEW Catalyst TV Network: "Taking Light & Hope into Dark & Dangerous Places" (New Pilot Series: Unshackled-- LIVE in the ATL)...

Traditional business cards are going out of style. Social distancing and contact-free engagements are The New Wave. Get your Digital Drip today! Safely and effectively promote Your Brand while enriching your potential customers' experience in our new contact-free society. Market, Promote, and Connect your service, business, product, or cause while safely engaging your next potential supporter. Customize your order, anyone with a phone will be able to automatically connect to Your Brand through the web address, image or phone number of your choice 

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